Melania Trump hits back following “hypocritical” anti-bullying backlash

Melania Trump has received a lot of backlash over her anti-bullying campaign – unsurprisingly because of her husband’s views and actions.

The First Lady has been accused of gross hypocrisy given Donald Trump’s bully-ish presidential strategy, with many social media users claiming it directly conflicts with the message of anti-bullying.

The backlash is so bad that Melania Trump’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, has assured everyone that Melania “acts independently” of her husband, and therefore cannot be held responsible for what he says and does during his time as President.

“Ms Trump is independent and acts independently from her husband. She does what she feels is right,” she said in a statement.

“She knows that she has a real opportunity through her role as first lady to have a positive impact on the lives of children. Her only focus is to effect change within our next generation.

“She wants to talk to kids about the importance of being inclusive and the negative effects of social isolation.

“This kind of activity also fosters integrity and leadership in young kids.”

Do you think this will stop Melania Trump getting social media abuse when she is trying to do a good thing?

Only time will tell…