Melania Trump wants justice – and $150M – for those “high class escort” comments

In case you hadn’t heard, Melania Trump filed a lawsuit last month against blogger Webster Tarpley, who referred to her as a “high class escort” in an article.

The First Lady was seeking $150 Million in compensation for the defamatory statement.

“The court finds the plaintiff has stated a claim for defamation,” said Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Sharon Burrell at the time.

“The court believes most people, when they hear the words ‘high-end escort’ that describes a prostitute. There could be no more defamatory statement than to call a woman a prostitute.”

The latest news is that she has refiled the lawsuit, this time with the Daily Mail, for its similar insinuations that she had once worked as an escort.

Here’s where it gets complicated though. The case was originally filed in Maryland, but it was dismissed by the judge, who insisted it should be filed in New York.

Melania Trump is still suing Webster Tarpley for the same reasons, except this case will now move forward in Maryland.

Does that make sense? Are you keeping up? You’ll have plenty of time to swat up and do your research, because if the case does move forward as predicted, we will probably have to wait until the end of the year until it goes to court.