Met Gala announces its most controversial theme in history!

This year’s Met Gala red carpet had some pretty out there looks – yes, Rihanna and Katy Perry, we’re looking at you – but it was relatively tame as far as dress codes go.

Perhaps this year’s vanilla affair was why Met Gala bosses have decided to really ramp things up for next year.

We predict it might just be the most controversial year yet, as the theme for 2018’s exhibition is… wait for it… fashion and religion!

Fashion designers from Dolce and Gabbana to Jean Paul Gaultier have used religion in their pieces for years, so the A-list Met Gala attendees will certainly have a wide selection of red carpet outfits to choose from.

Next year’s celeb-studded Met Gala will take place on Monday 7th May 2018. We have a feeling that stylists around the world are going to have their work cut out to ensure their celebs leave a lasting impression.

Who do you think will rule the red carpet next year?