Model wearing hijab steals the Yeezy Season 5 show at NYFW

Kanye West did things a little bit differently for his Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week, yesterday.

He scaled things back this season, favouring the low-key Pier 59 studios as the location over Roosevelt Island and Madison Square Garden like seasons past.

The rapper-turned-designer also banned the use of cell phones from the show, and prohibited pictures and videos from being taken. A very interesting decision, we must say.

He did stick with tradition in some areas though, and cast relatively unknown models to showcase his designs. But it was one model in particular that everyone has been talking about…

The internet has gone wild over 19-year-old Somali-American model Halima Aden (remember that name!) as she proudly walked down the runway wearing her hijab. To say she was the highlight of the entire show would be an understatement!

“The only thing that interests me about Yeezy Season 5 is Halima Aden,” read one Twitter comment.

“I’m so shook, they had a model in a hijab at the yeezy season 5 fashion show. Kanye west true visionary and artist #YeezySeason5,” read another.

A few other Tweets that summed up the world’s reaction to Halima Aden include:

“shoutout to Halima Aden walking in this though, major statements #YeezySeason5”

“Congratulations Halima Aden, you did it girl. Thanks Kanye. #NYFW #YeezySeason5”

“Finally it’s here I couldn’t be more happy for her inshallah many more to come #HalimaAden #Yeezyseason5 #Hijabi #Somali #Family”

“Model wears a headscarf at the #yeezy show  #diversity xoxo”

You get the picture!

This isn’t the first time the model, who was actually born in a Kenyan refugee camp, has let her faith stand in the way of her modelling career. Back in November, she entered Miss Minnesota USA and made headlines for wearing a burkini during the swimsuit segment of the show.

We predict big things!