‘Modern Family’ Might Be Ending Sooner Than You Think!

modern family cast

The incredibly popular TV show has won a total of 22 Emmy awards thus far, and is currently in its 8th season. When the show came out back in 2009, viewers immediately fell in love with it. Despite every single season being popular and appreciated by the fans, the show may come to an end soon, at least according to Eric Stonestreet, one of the stars of the series.

In an interview with People Magazine, Eric noted that the entire cast is now in the twilight of the show. He said that “Maybe we have one more season. Maybe we have two more seasons. Nobody really knows. So I think now what’s fueling everyone is that we’ve had this great opportunity for the last seven, eight years, and it’s coming to an end.”

He added that the cast has shot more than they’re ever going to shoot in the future, and that they are all aware that they’re at the end of the series. Eric notes that what keeps the cast going is the desire to go out as strong and positive as they possibly can.

eric stonestreet

More than half of the 8th season is expected to air in 2017, but there are currently no details revealing what will happen after that. Nevertheless, Stonestreet believes that there will be at least one more season in the future.

During the last few seasons, some fans have started saying that the quality of the show isn’t as high as it used to be. However, Eric said that he thinks those statements simply aren’t true. He feels like the show has been incredibly consistent, despite the challenges writers have been faced with, such as coming up with almost 200 episode ideas, and three stories per episode.

Earlier this year, Stonestreet has noted that he is incredibly proud of the impact of the show on society, and especially on the attitudes toward same-sex relationships. Even though we’d hate to see this show end, we still have to appreciate its consistency and quality over the years, as well as respect the decision of the cast to end it on a high note.