Naomi Campbell finally opens up about hair loss: “I lost all of it with extensions”

Naomi Campbell has finally opened up about the hair loss she has suffered after decades of wearing hair extensions, weaves and wigs. Aka, the less glamorous side to the modelling profession!

The model suffered what is known as ‘central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia’ – try saying that three times really fast – which basically means the hair starts to thin from the crown of the head. She was pictured several times with very visible bald patches on her head.

Thankfully, the hair has grown back and she is taking much more care of her barnet…

“I do take more care of my hair now, because I lost all of it with extensions,” she said in an interview with ES Magazine. “I am more careful and I do different things.

Regardless of everything she’s been through, she doesn’t feel the need to explain herself anymore, and still wouldn’t rule any additional hair out…

“Everybody in the world wears wigs,” she says. “It doesn’t matter any more. I do what I want, or whatever the job calls for.”

You didn’t really think that was going to stop THE Naomi Campbell, did you?

Another interesting subject covered in the interview was the very controversial one of Botox, although Naomi didn’t seem to give a straight answer…

“If I want to do anything to myself I go pay for it and do it,” she said. “If I want to do it, I do it.

“It’s like if I want to get eyelashes, I get them. People always say, ‘Oh my God, you don’t look your age’ and they look at my mum, and my mum’s got good genes, so…”

Well, there you go. Basically, Naomi Campbell does what she wants, and that’s the end of it.