Natalie Portman had something to say about the controversial all-male Best Director Golden Globe category

This year’s Golden Globes were about so much more than the nominees and winners of the prestigious awards.

They will probably go down in history, as women came together in solidarity to show their support against sexual harassment in Hollywood, not only by adopting an unofficial all-black dress code, but by speaking out against sexual misconduct in the industry and the drastic changes that need to be made.

With all of that in mind, it was somewhat ironic that the Best Director for a Motion Picture category had only male nominees – something which A-listers and the general public have scratched their heads over.

Greta Gerwig of Lady Bird and Dee Rees of Mudbound have dominated other award shows, so their absence from the Best Director category was controversial, to say the least.

We, along with many other people of the internet, loved how Natalie Portman unashamedly made a point of the all-male nominees when she presented the award alongside Ron Howard…

“We are honoured to be here to present the award for best director,” Ron Howard said on stage. To which Natalie Portman expertly added:

“And here are the all-male nominees…”

Fierce! Here are a few of our favourite Twitter reactions:


“And then my girl #NataliePortman names the all “male” nominees for best director! Preach!”


“Instantly immortal phrase from Natalie Portman, about the directing award candidates:

“Here are the all-male nominees.””


““And here are the all-male nominees.” Natalie Portman is not here to play… #GoldenGlobes”


“SAY IT NATALIE. “And here are all the male nominees [for Best Director]” – #NataliePortman #GoldenGlobes #RepresentationMatters #AskHerMore”


“”And here are the all-male nominees” says Natalie Portman SO GUTSY & RUDE, as she presents the best-director nominees. Whoa.”

Safe to say that women around the world appreciated Natalie Portman’s fierce and incredibly powerful comment.