NBA Team’s Boeing 757 Suffers Freak Accident During Flight

airplane freak accident

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman hitting a Boeing 757-200 in mid-flight, i.e. the airplane carrying Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. The airplane appears to have been involved in a fender-bender, literally, with what Delta Airlines officials claim it was a bird.

According to the official narrative, the plane hit a really big bird (judging from the damage) as the Boeing 757 was flying at 30,000 ft (~10,000 meters), or 6 miles high. However, judging from their social-media posts, Carmelo Anthony and Steven Adams, both Oklahoma City Thunder players were unconvinced by the official story.

Truth be told, the nose-cone of the airplane is very soft, as it’s made of plastic or something similar. However, one may ask, what bird flies at thirty thousand feet during the night?

In case you don’t know the answer, only 2 birds in the world can fly that high, and none of them have or ever will be in the US.

Sorry kids, Santa won’t be coming around this year. And Bill Nye is not a scientist.