Nick Cannon Defends Mariah Carey’s NYE Performance

nick cannon mariah carey

Although Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey officially got divorced last year, it looks like Nick has still got Mariah’s back. He recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he spoke about Mariah’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance.

Cannon first joked about the whole situation, saying that “You know me, I’m a conspiracy theorist. I think the government did that! They set her up! That was a distraction!”

However, he later jumped to her defense. Mariah claims that the reason why her performance was such a disaster was because of the malfunctioning sound equipment. Nick noted that he also had his fair share of experiences that involved bad sound equipment as well.

“Anyone who knows about performing and having inner-ears, things like that can go wrong on live television. I screw up on America’s Got Talent all the time. So when there’s people in your ear saying things and stuff, I think she got a little flustered,” Nick explained.

He also commended Mariah on how she handled the whole situation. “Being the diva that she is, she said, ‘I’m just going to walk around and pose for 7 minutes,’ and like Ryan Seacrest said, she can do no wrong. So she worked through it,” he said during the interview.