No one wants to move into Ivanka Trump’s Manhattan apartment

Women may be paying up to $50,000 to have her face, but it’s an  entirely different story when it comes to her home!

Since taking on her official political responsibilities and moving closer to the White House in Washington DC, Ivanka Trump’s Manhattan apartment has found itself rather empty.

The First Daughter had hoped to rent out her two-bedroom Park Avenue condo, but apparently there has been very little interest in the property.

Ivanka Trump has now been forced to slash the monthly price by a whopping 30 percent, meaning that it has been cut down from $15,000 to $10,450.

Still an eye-watering amount to spend per month, especially considering the fact that the lower price is still substantially higher than most similar Manhattan apartments of its size.

Bloomberg writes that the average Manhattan rental price last month was $8,000, so we wouldn’t be too surprised to find Ivanka slash the price one more time if she is keen to get a tenant.

Would you move into Ivanka’s old property – which was bought by her father, who also owns other units in the building – if you had the money?