Outrage over “disgusting” Stranger Things Halloween costume that “sexualises children”

We all know that there are two types of people at Halloween. The ones who dress up with the intention to be truly terrifying, and the ones who dress provocatively and turn anything into a sexy costume.

There’s nothing wrong with either option, but people may start to shake their heads with the latter when it starts to sexualise underage children. Let us explain…

Social media users have voiced their disgust over a Stranger Things costume of Millie Bobby Brown character, Eleven.

The costume is clearly a much sexier version of her character, which has rubbed people up the wrong way as Eleven is just thirteen years old.

The advert for the Upside Down Honey costume, which was available on Yandy.com, read:

“Evade your enemies in this Upside Down Honey costume featuring a powder pink babydoll dress with a ruffled bust, white buttons accents, a navy bomber jacket with long sleeves, white thigh high socks with striped tops, and a waffle purse. (Wig not included.)”

Stranger Things fans took to Twitter to point out that the costume was “sexualising the character” and also added that it was “disgusting” and “offensive”, among other things.


Who ever made a “sexy” stranger things costume is a fucking creep.

Disgusting. She’s 13!!! Stop sexualising kids


There’s a sexy @Stranger_Things Eleven Halloween costume.



Is there anything worse than a “Sexy Eleven” from Stranger Things costume? Yes, calling it “Upside Down Honey”. #smh #StrangerThings


there is a “sexy” costume version of eleven from stranger things and i want to kms she is 12 years old

Do you agree? Should this costume be pulled immediately?