Pamela Anderson Naked In Bed With Jamie Laing: It is Embarrassing But Not Surprising

In Bed With Jamie will air on E4 as a Boxing Day treat. The web series features Pamela Anderson naked in bed with Jamie Laing. In what sounds like a surprise to many, Laing, the Made in Chelsea star admits that he indeed stripped off for Anderson but he explains that initially, he was just shitting himself. The posh boy was thrilled to have her on his show. This must have been true given that he confesses to having been in love with her when he was younger to date.

Laing seems to have an open character because he confesses his love for chatting with people, their stories and what they have done. However having to sit on a bed and chat to Anderson may have been given him an amazing feeling at the beginning but it was somewhat nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, they got to exchange numbers. It may also have been a ‘go lucky day’ given that he has been drooling on her over time.

But she got a bit of a fright: Laing says

Both stars have suffered embarrassing leaks in the past so the news of Pamela Anderson naked in bed with Jamie Laing is not a surprise to a bombshell to them. However, it may have been a great experience for Laing but a bit of a dread for the 49-year-old Anderson. Nonetheless, she has previously starred in two sex tapes. Speaking to Digital Spy the 28-year-old Laing refers to Anderson as a rockstar who has amazing looks, open with everything and very tempting to keep asking her questions.

But surprisingly, he says he has no clue why people tell him their secrets. Perhaps he is just incredibly trustworthy. Besides, he is the type who will not want anything to go wrong, hence he will do anything within his power.

So will the In Bed With Jamie TV series be aired in full?

Laing says that their desire is to have it watched by millions and millions of people on Boxing Day for it to get a series so it is likely that it will get a full series. They are optimistic that they have done everything within their power to make it the best and to attract more people. Nonetheless, even if it fails to turn out as a series, they will have nothing to regret, they have given it their best shot.

Meanwhile, even as Pamela Anderson naked in bed with Jamie Laing goes rife, the latter is said to be in a relationship with Made in Chelsea co-star Frankie Gaffe. What is yet to be answered is whether or not Anderson is a fallback in the event the relationship goes south.