Paris Jackson And Boyfriend Michael Snoddy Swing Into A Romantic Getaway

Paris Jackson and boyfriend Michael Snoddy are certainly having a blast with their romantic getaway in Maui, Hawaii. The numerous displays of photos particularly as they got some time alone during at island are a clear indication that they are turning up the heat. But the love birds are not exploring the beauty of Hawaii just by themselves because they have been accompanied by Paris’ brother Prince Jackson. Nonetheless, this has not deterred them from making the most out of their one-on-one beach trip, getting little romantic and a lot sexy.

Apparently, the cooler water does little to put away the 18-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson. In fact, she feels warmer in the presence of her 26-year-old musician beau who squeezes her in time to plant a sweet smooch on her. On several occasions, Paris also kisses the purple-haired rocker on his lips with a little care of who is looking.

Paris Jackson and boyfriend Michael Snoddy

Through the shallows, Paris Jackson and boyfriend Michael Snoddy are playing with each other at the beach. They are indeed looking sexy given that Paris is wearing unusual black two pieces with the bikini highlighting her trim physique. The black top has cut sections on the front, which is revealing her cleavage. At some point, the teenager jumped on her beau’s back for a piggy back ride. Of course, they are both young to get this playful. They also got a little frisky on the sand after the PDA. Paris also got some secretive ways of surprising her love. While drying off in the sun, she crawled over to him, balancing her hands on his shoulders to give him a passionate kiss. Laying together on the sand, the couple looked contented.

Oct 7, 2016: Paris Jackson stops at a local supermarket with her mom Debbie Rowe on Friday in Woodland Hills, Calif.

All along, the youngster left her lightened blonde locks out and with only a allusion of makeup on her face. Paris did not bring sunglasses to the beach but Michael is a gentleman, he gives her his.

What happens on the streets?

The couple would then walk hand in hand on the streets. Michael is cut in a casual figure of grey jeans with a black and white sleeveless T-shirt. The beauty is in short platinum light-colored tresses straight with the knitted cover up on top. She has maintained her makeup minimal but with various bracelets, finishing it off with a graphic backpack. Paris Jackson and boyfriend Michael Snoddy are now one-year-old into their relationship having met at Alcoholics Anonymous. He is a heavy metal drummer but he seems to be giving more time to his girlfriend that to his music.