Patton Oswalt Pens Emotional Message on the Anniversary of His Wife’s Death

patton oswalt

It’s been over one year ago since Patton Oswalt’s wife of 11 years passed away due to a combination of drugs in her system, as well as a health condition they weren’t aware of. His wife, Michelle McNamara, died at the age of 46. On a few occasions, Patton talked about how hard it is for him to deal with her death.

The actor has decided to write an emotional message that shows how he’s trying to move forward with his life. He starts the message by saying: “It’s awful, but it’s not fatal.”

“I’m one year into this new life — one I never even imagined, and I can imagine some pretty pessimistic and dark contingencies, some stomach-freezing ‘what ifs.’ But not this one. This one had such a flat, un-poetic immediacy. The world gazes at you like a hungry but indifferent reptile when you’re widowed,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

He also revealed that he has stopped wearing his wedding ring. “Last night I took off my wedding ring. I couldn’t bear removing it since April 21st, 2016. But now it felt obscene. That anonymous poem about the man mourning his dead lover for a year and a day, for craving a kiss from her ‘clay cold lips.’ I was inviting more darkness. Removing the ring was removing the last symbol of denial of who I was now, and what my life is, and what my responsibilities are,” Patton added.

He ended the message by saying “One year in. Another year starting. It’s awful, but it’s not fatal.”