Patton Oswalt Reveals Cause of Wife’s Death

patton oswalt

Patton decided to share the cause of his wife’s death, who passed away in her sleep on April 21, 2016. Up to this point, he had no idea what caused his wife, Michelle McNamara, to die. As soon as he found out, he decided to share more details about her death. Patton wrote a statement to the Associated Press, in which he touched on this subject.

“We learned today the combination of drugs in Michelle’s system, along with a condition we were unaware of, proved lethal.” According to his statement, “blockages, combined with her taking the medications Adderall, Xanax and the pain medication fentanyl,” were the reason why Michelle passed away.

Oswalt mentioned back in October of last year that he had a feeling that the cause of her death was an overdose but that he was still didn’t know if that was true or not. Patton has noted that his wife had taken Xanax to sleep the night she died. She used sleep medication because she was stressed about a book that she was writing.

After Michelle’s death, Patton became a single dad. He is currently raising their 7-year-old daughter Alice.