Police Arrest 16 Suspects in Connection with Kim Kardashian Robbery

kim kardashian paris robbery

This morning, the French police arrested 16 people who are in connection the Kim Kardashian jewelry heist. The robbery took place on October 2nd in a private Paris residence where the reality TV star was staying. The robbers forced their way into the residence, tied Kim up and locked her in a bathroom. They took off with $10 million in jewelry.

Now, it seems like the French police may have the people responsible for the robbery in custody. The suspects were tracked down through DNA evidence that was found at the residence. According to a police official, one of the DNA samples matched an individual already known to the French police for previous robberies.

The suspects are currently being questioned. The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that they can be questioned and held for 96 hours before either being charged or let go.

Although the Kim was physically unharmed, the robbery was a very traumatic experience for her. So much so that she afterwards decided to refrain from posting updates about her life on social media for three months. She only recently started posting new updates on the different social media platforms that she frequents. Because of the robbery, the reality TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” was also put on hold. Nevertheless, it was recently revealed that it would be back on E! in March.