Pro Trump Priest Makes Waves in Church, Bashes Libs, Muslims, Millenials

One may argue that bashing Muslims, millennials and liberals while being a (pro Trump) priest is going too far. However, Reverend Peter West doesn’t think so.

Meet Peter West, the pastor of Saint John’s Catholic Church in Orange. His behavior raised concerns amidst officials in the Archdiocese of Newark, considering the highly controversial (in selected circles) and politically charged posts on Facebook and various social media, according to a Archdiocese spokesman.

As a hard core Donald Trump supporter, Reverend Peter West calls it pretty much as he sees it. Case in point:


Via his Facebook and Twitter posts (dozens a day), the Reverend has repeatedly slammed Muslims, calling the Moderate Islam meme as being a myth and stating his strong support for President Donald Trump travel ban.

The travel ban, which is currently suspended courtesy of a progressive federal judge, temporarily restricts travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries and halts the admission of refugees in the US.

Reverend Peter West describes millennials as snowflakes who attend safe spaces for cry-ins and assailed liberals as smug and arrogant. Hillary Clinton is an evil witch, obviously, and Barack Hussein Obama is a bum (all these are quotes).

The 57 years old Catholic priest is very popular in the Archdiocese of Newark, having over 7300 Facebook followers from all around the United States.

It’s interesting how Reverend Peter West’s ideology is the complete opposite to his boss, and I am talking about the globalist pro open borders guy currently living in Vatican, who some call the Pope or Francis Bergoglio.

According to experts, religious figures should refrain from getting involved into politics (the separation of church and state and all that jazz), but the same Pope Francis is the perfect example that the respective theory applies only if you’re swimming against the progressive current.

Pope Francis is world renowned for his worldly pro immigration and anti Trump stances, and he also pedals progressive memes like climate change and liberation theology, which has been heavily influenced by Marxist theory.

Other “exceptions” to the golden rule are “reverends” Sharpton and Jackson, who are heavily engaged in politics for decades, but that’s ok, right?

When accused of promoting hate speech and divisiveness, Peter West said abruptly:

“You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting pro-abortion, anti-family politicians. If I get in trouble for denouncing them, so be it! But I won’t be scared off by a totalitarian jerk like yourself!”

Source: NJ