R Kelly cancels tour dates due to low ticket sales amid sex cult allegations

Is R Kelly’s career suffering because of those sex cult allegations which we told you about last month?

It could very well be, as many tour dates from his After Party tour have been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

This might have something to do with the very controversial rumours that did the rounds last month.

Or it could also be because fans expressed their disappointment at the length of the show, as the R&B singer was reportedly on stage for just 45 minutes.

“Crowd was fine bc most were prob lifelong fans like me lol,” Instagram user @naomidinah wrote about the concert, which took place at Virginia Beach on Friday.

“Lil upset it was shorter than normal tho he was only on stage 45 mins.”

Last Friday’s concert was the first time R Kelly had performed since the sex cult allegations.

And according to a few sources, the singer reportedly encouraged fans to “touch his body” throughout the concert, which might not have been the smartest move considering the aforementioned allegations.

It’s being reported that four out of ten shows have been cancelled, so we would urge anyone with tickets to check that their tour date is still going ahead…