Ralph Lauren boycott for “supporting women’s oppression”

Do you think Ralph Lauren is starting to have regrets over dressing Melania Trump?

If we are to take the #boycottralphlauren hashtag on Twitter seriously, then we think he just might be…

As we all know by now, Ralph Lauren designed the – we have to admit – beautiful, tailored, elegant powder blue suit that Melania Trump donned for part of the inauguration. It was very Jackie O!

“With the historic swearing-in of her husband, Donald J. Trump, as the forty-fifth President of the United States, the First Lady–elect will become America’s new First Lady wearing an American designer who transformed American fashion, Ralph Lauren,” Melania Trump’s spokesperson told WWD.

He may have transformed American fashion, but the internet isn’t happy about it…

“We immediately started to get complaints about Melania Trump wearing the label,” a Ralph Lauren source reportedly told Glamour.

Most of the angry and disappointed Tweets are accusing the label of indirectly supporting the oppression of women, because of President Donald Trump’s views on women.

Here is just one of many Tweets of a similar nature:

@CNN Ralph Lauren just hurt a lot of women today and we won’t forget. It’s not OK to support oppression. #boycottralphlauren #imwithtomford

It has to be noted that Ralph Lauren also dressed Hillary Clinton (the candidate he is said to have voted for) which showed an almost apolitical stance.

We don’t know if the Ralph Lauren label will suffer from this in the long run; we’ll just have to wait and see!

And do you think Karl Lagerfeld is starting to have second thoughts about dressing Melania Trump in the future after seeing how the internet reacted?