Rose McGowan opens up about her “cruel” representation in the media – “I know I make people uncomfortable”

While some celebs such as Meryl Streep have been accused of saying too little in the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal, the same definitely can’t be said for Rose McGowan.

After years of being silenced by Hollywood, Rose McGowan has had one of the loudest voices throughout the entire Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal, but her reputation has somewhat suffered as a result of it.

However, the actress will finally have a chance to get her side of the story heard, as her own E! series Citizen Rose will chronicle her activism against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

She hopes that she can shake the “crazy” reputation she has been given by the media…

“I know I make people uncomfortable,” she said at the Television Critics Association Press Tour.

“I’m really just trying to stop international rapists and child molesters. After that, I’m golden.

“The narrative that’s been run by your peers, a lot of them, about me for twenty years, has been erroneous. It’s been a lie, and it’s been cruel.

“It’s very interesting now, all of a sudden, within four months, the media are saying, ‘Oh, this person I always thought was crazy, there’s something coming out of her mouth that might make sense? Yeah. There is.”

When asked by a reporter about her criticism of the Time’s Up movement, Rose McGowan said that she doesn’t believe any real change will actually happen in the industry, hence her skepticism…

“I know the people who are behind this, I know where they have their meetings, I know who’s sponsoring it. I know a lot of things,” she told the reporter.

“I think this is a system that’s massively broken creating a Band-Aid to make themselves feel better for what they’ve all known about. I do not forgive.”

Take a first look at Citizen Rose in the video below.

Citizen Rose premieres on January 30 – will you be tuning in?