Serena Williams Says Being Engaged to Alexis Ohanian “Feels Good,” Saves Wedding Planning for Later

serena williams

Although Serena says that being engaged to Alexis “feels good,” she has yet to start picking color schemes, tasting wedding cakes, and shopping florists for her wedding. She’s currently focused on performing well in the Australian Open tournament. During a post-game press conference on Tuesday, the professional tennis player revealed that she is currently saving wedding planning for later.

“I really haven’t thought about it too much. I wasn’t going to think about it until after the tournament. I keep saying that in February I will start looking at the bigger picture of my life,” Serena said at the press conference.

However, just because they aren’t currently making wedding plans doesn’t mean that they’re not spending a lot of time together. Alexis is there to support his fiancé during the tournament, and was spotted cheering for Serena during one of her matches.

During the press conference, she briefly spoke about Alexis. “He is an incredibly nice person. He really treats everyone the same, which is really cool to see,” she said about her future husband. A source close to E! News recently revealed that Serena has never been this happy with a man before.