“She wants him to get back on track” – Khloe Kardashian helping brother Rob after Blac Chyna drama

It looks like Khloe Kardashian might be the only member of the K klan who hasn’t turned her back on Rob following the Blac Chyna/revenge porn social media drama that’s been dominating the headlines for the past week.

Rob seems to be distracting himself from the drama by spending time with Khloe and boyfriend Tristan Thompson, which Khloe confirmed on Snapchat.

“Rob, Tristan and I are up early to get this early morning workout in,” she said on Snapchat. “Dance party at the house with Tristan and Rob and Koko,” she continued.

“She is trying to help him. Rob didn’t move in with her, but Khloe and Tristan are encouraging him to come hangout at the house and workout with them hoping it will motivate him to get back on the health grind and take care of himself,” a source told E! News.

“She wants him to get back on track so she is trying to help him.”

Let’s hope that hanging out with older sister Khloe will put him on the straight and narrow.

The fact that he has apologised to his family for his actions, and sees the error of his ways, is pretty promising…

“He is very remorseful and upset with himself over what he did,” another source told E! News.

“Now, he is embarrassed and knows he needs to be better for Dream Kardashian.”

“There’s no excuse and he is taking responsibility,” another insider added.

“He also realizes that there could be consequences and that he won’t be able to see Dream. That is what’s most important to him and not being able to be with her is what scares him the most.

“He is trying to learn from this and move forward. He just wants to be a good dad and focus on that.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Rob has learnt his lesson!