Shocking Russian Reality TV Show To Allow Murder, Rape

Hunger Games In Siberia?


In case you’re a Reality TV Show aficionado, a Russian television is preparing something big next year. The competitors will be dumped somewhere in the Siberian wilderness, armed only with knives and left among wild animals (and themselves) for nine months. The big prize is a staggering 1.3 million British pounds.

In case this sounds like a science fiction movie for you, well, this Russian reality TV show seems to have been inspired from the dystopian novel The Hunger Games, among others. What makes this Hunger Games style contest to be very special are the rules of engagement, or the lack thereof actually. The 30 participants, of which half will be women will be ditched in Siberia next July and they’ll have to take the ultimate survival test in the wild in extremely cold temperatures which sometimes sink to minus 40 Celsius or lower.

And if the harsh environment filled with wolves and bears is not enough, take a load of this: everything is allowed, the likes of fighting among each other, rape, murder, not to mention alcohol and smoking, anything goes.

In case you’re already thinking that this is too much, well, you’re probably right. The Russian Hunger Games are the brainchild  of Yevgeny Pyatlovsky, a 35 years old millionaire, but he says that the show will not be responsible for what contestants will do to each other, if anything.

Basically, despite the very lax rules of engagement, which can be defined literally as”anything goes” in short, the contestants will have to sign a document waving any future claims from themselves or their families  if they happen to be raped or killed or whatever. However, even if there are no rules, the Russian penal code still stands, i.e. the laws of the land will be applied if the contestants end up killing and/or raping each other. At least that’s the theory, but as far as I know, there’s no police in Siberia.


The contestants were told that if there’s proof of criminal behavior, they’ll pay dearly for their actions. The TV Reality show is called Game2: Winter and the participants must be over 18 years old, mentally sane (I wonder if you can be mentally sane and participate in this game of sorts?) and ready to pay 132,000 British pound for the “privilege”. Some contestants will be selected online for free though, so the Game2:Winter is not just for the rich.

The area will be monitored by 2000 cameras working 24/7, installed on a 2225 acres piece of property in the Siberian taiga, while the contestants will be equipped with portable cameras running on batteries. Moreover, there will be no film crew available, yet the contest is to be screened online around the clock. The contestants will be trained by Spetznaz/GRU operatives before the grand opening, but after that, they’ll be completely on their own. Those who survive the 9 months will share the 1.3 million British pounds.

Source: The Sun