Site Lets Libs Live In Alternate Reality Where Clinton President

If you can’t cope with the harsh realities of 2017, don’t worry. There’s a fake news website out there, where all sore loser liberals, snowflakes and Clinton fans can live in an alternate universe, where She Is Your Elected President.

Yes, you got that right: if you’re seeking refuge from the real world which abounds in President Donald Trump headlines, there’s a little safe space on the internet with your name on it. Just bookmark it and you can never leave home again, at least until 2020 when the Democrats will have another shot at presidency. And if you’re lucky enough, Hillary can run again in 4 years against The Donald with predictable results.

Let’s not anticipate. The website is hosted on a server in the Twilight Zone and it’s called Visiting here you can read uplifting news, the likes of “Approval Ratings for President Clinton Hit 89%”, just like in North Korea. Or, why not, projections like “DOJ considers Charging Trump with Treason”. It’s all fun and games, until the DOJ starts to look deeper into the Clinton Foundation papers, it’s gonna happen folks. Just kidding, but then again, who knows?

The is a satirical news site by any metrics, devoted at covering breaking news from the alternate progressive universe, where “She is my President” still has a certain ring to it.

The site’s description says something along the lines of :in the midst of a Constitutional crisis, which isn’t explained nor detailed, “this is our response”: Long Live the true President Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s absolutely hillaryous.

One may argue that there are already millions of leftists in the US who have completely lost their grip with reality, i.e. they don’t actually need a fake news/satirical website, as they’re living it on a day by day basis.

Photo (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Source: DailyCaller