Sports Illustrated under fire for allegedly Photoshopping plus size model Ashley Graham

This isn’t the first time plus size model Ashley Graham has found herself in the middle of an airbrushing storm.

Earlier this year, she posed with some of the most beautiful and in-demand supermodels for the March cover of fashion Bible, Vogue, and many questions were raised about whether or not the picture was altered to make her look slimmer.

Click here to check it out, and also to get Ashley Graham’s very own take on the pic…

Now Sports Illustrated has also come under fire for allegedly Photoshopping her body.

Fans were quick to take to social media to raise their concerns about the picture, which Ashley shared on her Instagram…

“Love this woman, hate how terribly they Photoshopped this.”

“I was just thinking that the butt is off on this pic”

“I like the non Photoshop version of her bum!”

“I love Ashley but she doesn’t need photoshop.. zoom in on her butt.”

As with everything on the Internet, not everyone shared the same view. Other fans weren’t entirely convinced that Sports Illustrated had altered the picture…

“What if it isn’t Photoshop but a white swimsuit?”

“I don’t see a Photoshop here”

“The white at the top of her butt is her white bikini bottoms…Duh!!!!”

We know Ashley Graham doesn’t need Photoshop, so we would be pretty disappointed with the publication if they did indeed choose to alter her beautiful body.

Where do you guys stand?