Status Quo Guitarist Richard Parfitt Dies at 68

rick parfitt

Richard Parfitt, the legendary musician that served as the singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist in the rock band Status Quo has passed away just a day before Christmas. He died at a hospital in Spain after being admitted for a severe infection.

The news initially came from the rest of the band, who announced it in a Facebook post. The statement written in the Facebook post noted that “we [the band] are truly devastated to have to announced that Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has passed away at lunchtime today. He died in hospital in Marbella, Spain as a result of a severe infection, having been admitted to hospital on Thursday evening following complications to a shoulder injury incurred by a previous fall.”

Status Quo wrote that Richard was planning on releasing a solo album and an autobiography in 2017, which makes the news even sadder.

Parfitt joined Status Quo back in 1967 and remained a part of the band until his death. However, he did announce that he would stop touring with the band due to health problems earlier this year. This wasn’t his first time experiencing health issues. In fact, he had to have a quadruple heart bypass in 1997, following a heart attack. He suffered another heart attack in 2011, and another one in June 2016.

Status Quo is without a doubt one of the most famous rock bands of all time. They’ve existed for over 50 years, and released their one hundredth single in June 2013. The band has sold more than 118 million records worldwide.