Sylvester Stallone death rumours flood the internet!

Don’t panic, Sylvester Stallone is NOT – we repeat, not – dead!

The Rocky actor has been victim to yet another death hoax, just 18 months after a similar death hoax did the rounds.

The first hoax happened back in September 2016, with fake reports claiming he had been found dead in his LA home.

This time, the fake news claimed that the Hollywood legend had died following a long but private battle with prostate cancer.

Messages from heartbroken fans flooded social media, before being made aware of the faux news.

“Is Sylvester Stallone dead or is Facebook lying again?” one fan asked, before another expressed their fury that the actor was victim to yet another hoax.

“So the sick hoaxes have started again!! Silvester Stallone is NOT dead!”

“Omg I thought Sylvester Stallone was dead!! I hate the Internet,” wrote another.

Sylvester Stallone reassured fans that he was alive and well shortly after the first hoax emerged. He hasn’t said a word this time round, but we are all keeping our eyes peeled for a similar message.

He shared a poster for Creed 2 on Sunday, but hasn’t posted anything since. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled…