“The Fate of The Furious” Breaks Global Box Office Record

fate of the furious

The eighth installment in the Fast and Furious film series has broke the global box office record over the weekend. Since it managed to bring in an estimated $532.5 million, it became the strongest worldwide debut of all time. This spot was previously taken by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which earned $529 million.

This figure is much higher than the previous installment of the film series, which earned only $147.2 million in the opening weekend. What helped “The Fate of The Furious” earn so much money is the fact that it opened in most countries around the world, including China (the second-largest movie market on the planet), at the same time. It’s worth noting that “The Force Awakens” opened in China one month after its initial release.

Dwayne Johnson instantly took to Instagram to express his gratitude for this achievement. “Biggest global box office opening of all time and the most fun, get the job done, shit talkin’ character I’ve ever played. THANK YOU,” he wrote.

Vin Diesel also addressed the success on Instagram. “Thank you world for believing we could do it, seventeen years I have loved with this mythology and to now be the biggest global opening in history… I just can’t thank you all enough. Will forever be proud of this mythology and all the work the cast and crew have put into it,” the famous actor wrote.