Tina Fey on Why Hillary Clinton Lost the Elections

Tina Fey on Why Hillary Clinton Lost the Elections

Tina Fey has said that she finally has an answer as to why Hillary Clinton lost the US presidential election. While speaking at an event dubbed, Women in Entertainment, she said that she had been determined to get an answer as to why Hillary Clinton lost the election, against all predictions and polls.

And with a sense of humour, she said that Hillary lost the election because she did not have many celebrity videos urging her supports to get out and vote. She believes that had there been more celebrity music videos all asking voters to vote for Hillary Clinton, we would be talking an entirely different narrative right now.

Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment is a popular annual event in which leading personalities appear. During this year’s event, Tina Fey was the recipient of the Sherry Lansing award on exemplary leadership.

It is worth noting that Fey has been loud against what she called the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency. For example, a month ago, with weeks remaining to the election, she gave an interview in a popular TV show and expressed her fears that Donald Trump was going to win the presidential race.

She was being interviewed by David Letterman when she bemoaned reports that Donald Trump had mocked disabled people. At the time, she said that it was difficult for Americans to live with dignity if the president was on record having expressed highly divisive sentiments against a section of the American society.

Popular celebrity videos played a leading role in urging voters to vote during the last elections. Although Hillary Clinton had some funny videos for her campaigns, they were nothing compared to what her Republican competitor had. And according to Fay, had there been more funny videos for the Clinton camp, it would have been easy to win some of the most critical swing states like Michigan.