Video: 48 Year Old Rock Star Marilyn Manson Crushed by Stage Props During NY Concert

Marilyn Manson crushed on stage


Whether you’re a big fan of that weird Marilyn Manson dude or not, the bad news is that he got crushed by 2 huge pistol-stage props as he was singing Sweet Dreams at a New York Concert. Manson, a 48 year old rock superstar was performing live  at the Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom and, according to witnesses, the accident took place while he was trying to climb a ladder which ran between 2 giant pistol shaped props; at that point, the props collapsed, fell and toppled on top of him in the middle of his performance.

This freak accident happened at approximately 10.10 p.m. local time, as Manson was onstage for an hour and 20 minutes; following the spectacular crash, spectators rushed on stage, trying to help Manson. The rock superstar was stretchered off stage after a couple of minutes and the confused spectators were plunged into darkness; afterwards, they were told that the concert was cancelled and they were asked to leave the venue.

marylin manson crushed on stage

Marilyn Manson’s accident comes just a week after his controversial claim about the Columbine shooting which allegedly ruined his career, as the youth responsible for the massacre was reportedly a big fan of Manson.

One of the witnesses was quoted as saying:

‘He was probably half way through singing sweet dreams by the Eurythmics and the massive gun display of two pistols behind him toppled on to him.

‘The singing stopped and loads of people ran on to the stage to lift to it up.’

Here’s the video: