“Well done, fake one” – Rose McGowan calls out Alyssa Milano for supporting Harvey Weinstein’s wife

Rose McGowan – easily one of the most vocal celebs in the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal – has called out Alyssa Milano for supporting his soon-to-be ex-wife, Georgina Chapman…

“You make me want to vomit,” she Tweeted, in reference to her former Charmed co-star’s comments about Georgina Chapman.

“You actually gave me a body flashback. Well done, fake one.”

“Alyssa, maybe you and Georgina can call up Camille Cosby,” she added, in reference to Bill Cosby’s wife.

Rose McGowan added to her Twitter attack, by re-tweeting a post that suggested Georgina Chapman – one half of the designing duo behind the very successful Marchesa brand – only married the disgraced producer for the sake of her company.

“I’m saying Georgina Champan’s company was 100% funded by Weinstein money. No one knew who she was in the fashion world before she married him.

“I’m saying Weinstein bullied abused women to wear his wife’s clothing line.

“I’m saying she knew who and want she married and why.” – @MelaynaLokosky – replying to @JeremyPhilhart and @rosemcgowan

Do you think Rose McGowan was right to get offended by Alyssa Milano’s support of her friend?