Witches to Cast Spell on Trump in Mass Hex Across Globe

I know what you’re thinking, when are the liberals going to grow up and deal with reality? The answer is probably never, and today’s piece of news is just another argument that some people just can’t be red-pilled.

According to Michael M. Hughes via Extra News Feed, all witches who don’t like The Donald and the current Republican administration for that matter, will be summoned on Friday night for a global mobilization in political activism via magic.

While regular Never-Trumpers are mobilizing in all types of ways, ranging from riots, protests, calling their representatives and speaking up in town halls, for those magically inclined, the word of the day is casting spells.

This is not a joke, as starting from Friday on midnight, witches from all around the United States will begin a magic fight against President Trump by calling for a mass spell via Facebook, of course, a happening that will occur every night of a waning crescent moon until…well, it’s not very clear, but the idea is to remove the President from office via magic incantation on social networks or something along these lines.

It is said that multiple private witchcraft groups (yest, these guys are well organized) are already tweaking multiple spells and this delirious idea spread quickly over the US, especially due to strong support from social media and the huge numbers of people disgusted with The Donald in the White House.

If one liberal was so inclined, if elections didn’t work, well, let’s give it a shot using magic thinking, right?

The choice for a binding spell was made because, according to Hughes, the magic people in the US do now wish to harm The Donald, they’re just trying to stop the harm Trump is doing.

In the magic world, Trump is represented by the tarot card of Tower, which symbolizes ambitions based on lies, struck down by a lightning flash of truth.

All are welcome for focusing their psychic energy at the same time against President Trump, said Hughes, even those who are skeptical of magic.