10 Unbelievable Alcoholic Drinks

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If you travel a lot, then you probably tried a weird drink or two before. In some places, locals put unusual ingredients in alcoholic beverages due to tradition. On the other hand, some companies find success by creating a strange alcoholic drink for a niche market. Whatever the case may be, here are the world’s top 10 strangest and craziest alcohol drinks.

Three-Lizard Liquor

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This beverage doesn’t contain one lizard, it contains three! This drink is usually found in small villages in both China and Vietnam. It is said that the three-lizard liquor boasts some amazing healing properties. But, even if it does, would you drink it?

Snake Wine

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Commonly found in Southeast Asia, a bottle of this wine contains a whole venomous snake. But don’t worry, this drink isn’t dangerous, since the snake’s poison actually dissolves in the alcohol. Some bottles of wine don’t contain snakes, but birds, insects, or turtles instead.

Bacon Vodka

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Some people simply love bacon too much. Just like you can buy bacon soap, it only makes sense that bacon vodka gets manufactured as well. Bacon lovers note that this beverage perfectly captures the flavor of this food.


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In case you don’t like bacon, maybe you’ll appreciate this drink. Made in Holland, but primarily sold in Japan, Yogurito is an alcoholic beverage made from yogurt. It is noted for tasting exactly like real yogurt, and is usually drunk straight.

Chocolate Donut Stout

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Chocolate flavored beer is pretty common in almost any country where beer is really popular. However, a certain Japanese company called Sapporo decided to put a twist on the classic chocolate flavor, hence the beer that tastes both like donuts and chocolate.

Pizza Beer

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If you’re not that fond of chocolate, then maybe you’ll like pizza beer. The creation of this beverage took place in 2006. It is currently available in over 200 retailers and restaurants in Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Baby Mouse Wine

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And now it’s back to the beverages that contain dead animals. In order to properly make this drink, people drown baby mice and let them stay in the bottle for about a year. Although it’s pretty disgusting, the Chinese believe that it can heal many health problems.

Giant Centipede Whiskey

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For some reason, stuffing dead animals in liquor bottles is quite popular in Asia. You can find the giant centipede whiskey in certain parts of Southeast Asia. It is noted for being an aphrodisiac, and is said to help with muscle and back pain.

Horse Semen Shots

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Be careful what pub you go into when you’re in New Zealand. Always stick with beer, because otherwise you may end up drinking horse semen shots. No, this isn’t some ridiculous name for a shot, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Sourtoe Cocktail

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Only two ingredients are used to make this cocktail – alcohol and a dehydrated human toe. Basically, you can order any drink, and you’ll get a human toe inside the glass as well. The rule says that no matter how you drink it, your lips have to touch the toe. This infamous cocktail can be found in Yukon, Canada.