50 Shades Of Grey Matter: Aging Minds Kept Sharp By Sex

If you’re a senior citizen who needs a “valid excuse” for engaging in sexual activity, well, now science is on your side. According to a new study, if you want to keep your brain sharp as you’re getting older, you should be having lots of sex. The more, the better. Forget about walking your doggy, playing scrabble or doing crossword puzzles. Sex is the best thing to keep your brain alert, and let’s remember that magnificent quote: if you’re not thinking about pussy, you’re not concentrating.

Joke aside, according to a study performed by British scientists at the Coventry and Oxford universities, frequent sexual activity is closely related to higher cognitive functions in elderly adults. To prove their point, the researchers studied the sex lives of 73 healthy adults, with ages between 50 and 83, i.e. folks entering/reaching twilight years and asked them to respond to a questionnaire regarding their life style.

Obviously, while they were filling in the respective questionnaire, some of the questions were focused on their sex-life, including the frequency of sexual activity: weekly, monthly or, horribile dictu, never. 37 percent of the subjects responded weekly, 26 percent said monthly and the most sincere of the bunch, 10% respectively said never (just kidding).

The next task for the scientists was to assess the brain function of their subjects and what do you know: the most sexually active of the bunch scored (pun intended) the best, 2% higher on average on certain tasks compared to those who had sex monthly and 4% higher than those who said goodbye to sex. Even if that doesn’t sound like much, frequent sexual activity was obviously related to  better scores in verbal fluency tests. The science behind sex so to speak is that during copulation, neuro hormones are secreted by the body, the likes of oxytocin and dopamine, neuro-transmitters which dramatically improve brain activity.

The good news for the 10% who said no to sex is that extra virgin olive oil preserves memory and one’s ability to learn, also staves off Alzheimer’s.