In wake of the recent Berlin terror attack, security across Europe was beefed up and we can even talk about a Christmas lock-down. In Germany, many Christmas markets were closed today while the police forces in France, UK, Denmark, Italy and Austria were tightening their security measures in public places and at festive events.

The terror threat alert is at its highest level across most of Europe, but the thing is, yesterday’s detained suspect in Berlin’s terrorist Christmas market attack was released. Currently, there’s a manhunt in Berlin and all over Germany actually, after Thomas de Maiziere, the German Interior Minister told the press that his investigators are now “following new leads” with regard to the terror attack in Berlin and “nobody will go to sleep” until the terrorist is apprehended.

The Pakistani national arrested in the aftermath of what President Donald Trump called the latest episode in the global jihad was released from custody and the German investigators are saying he’s no longer a suspect in the terrorist attack.

The Islamic State’s news agency Amaq claimed that the perpetrator was a member of ISIS, one of their soldiers so to speak. What’s interesting is that ISIS claimed the attack despite the fact that the terrorist is still alive, marking a premiere in this regard.




It’s interesting to note that even if ISIS’s mouthpiece is claiming the latest terrorist attack in Germany,  they fail to offer proof nor evidence that they supported/directed in any way, shape of form the respective attack.


According to Amaq news agency, the terrorist who carried the attack in Berlin’s Christmas Market is a genuine soldier of ISIS who acted in response to the Islamic State’s calls for targeting the populace of the Crusader coalition.

Considering that the German police released today the Pakistani asylum seeker, their only suspect, it means that the real culprit managed to escape, being free, armed,dangerous and capable of committing more atrocities. It also appears that the German police spent 24 hours questioning the wrong man.

The body found inside the truck’s cabin is the deceased Polish driver whose lorry was hijacked by the terrorist. The police said he was identified as Luke U, a 37 years old Polish national and he had been shot with a small caliber gun prior to the attack.

Source: Telegraph