Carrie Fisher, Star Wars Icon Suffers Heart Attack on Flight

Now Stable After Critical Condition

carrie fisher

Carrie Fisher, the famous actress who played the role of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy suffered a massive heart attack today (cardiac arrest) on an airplane as she was flying from London-UK to LAX.

Her situation is now stable after a dramatic episode, as people on board of the airplane kept her alive by administering CPR. “Princess Leia” was unresponsive according to the plane-crew when the airplane landed.

The actress was transported to the UCLA Medical Center by paramedics who performed CPR vigorously. According to a witness reporting via Twitter, Carrie Fisher stopped breathing for ten minutes.

The sixty years old actress was kept alive by the heroic crew aboard the plane initially and then by paramedics, who provided her with advance life support  and aggressive treatment during her being transported to the local hospital.

Todd Fisher, her brother, declared later today that she was out of the emergency room at 4 PM Friday afternoon but he declined to discuss the details of the incident.

Carrie Fisher was returning home after a book-tour in the United Kingdom and she suffered a massive coronary attack as her United Airline flight was approaching the LAX terminal. Several witnesses aboard the plane said that the actress received immediate medical attention from both passengers and flight crew who worked hard at keeping her alive.

TMZ, an entertainment website, reported that paramedics tried to revive Princess Leia for 15 minutes as the plane landed at LAX before being able to get a pulse from her. As she was rushed at the UCLA medical center and put on a ventilator, her daughter Billie Lourd arrived shortly after, accompanied by her bulldog Gay which was probably meant to cheer the actress up.

Carrie Fisher was in London while filming a sitcom, Catastrophe respectively, together with promoting her recently released book/memoir of sorts “The Princess Diarist”, detailing her years spent on the set whilst filming the Star Wars trilogy.

Carrie Fisher which is considered nothing short of Hollywood royalty was outspoken about her recent health problems, including mental issues mitigated by electric shock therapy.

Source LA Times