Chicagoland Drama: Girls, 11 and 12, Critically Wounded in Shootings

Two young girls, Takya Homes 11 and Kanari Gentry Bowers 12 were shot in the head (both) in 2 separate incidents on Chicago’s south side within a half hour period on February eleventh.

The police and paramedics responded initially to a 911 call about an eleven year old girl reportedly shot in the 6500 block of South King Drive in the Parkway Gardens area. The little girl suffered a head-shot and she was left in critical condition according to officials.

Takya Homes was shot while sitting in a parked car at approximately 7.40 PM local time. The horrible incident took place as an unidentified person started firing a weapon, hitting the girl in the back of the head, officials and the police said. Takya Homes arrived in critical condition at Comer Children’s hospital according to Curtis Hudson, the spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.

Less than half an hour prior to this unfortunate incident, another 12 year girl was also shot in the head while she was playing in Chicago’s East Englewood neighborhood with her friends.

Kanari Gentry Bowers was shot unintentionally in an incident that took place near the 1900 block of West 57th Street at approximately 7.15 PM according to the police.

Kanari Gentry Bowers was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. Currently, Chicago’s police department is investigating the incidents.

However, according to police reports, there’s no suspect in custody for either shooting. Chicago is a Democrat stronghold and has become more dangerous than Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the city’s harsh gun control laws.

Also, it’s interesting to ask where are BLM or CAIR protesting black on black crime? Nowhere, because these horrific incidents do not fit their racist agenda. This is proof positive that black lives don’t matter for Democrats nor for black agitators like the BLM. If they would, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been in Chicago this weekend protesting these horrific shootings.

Source: WGN

Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty