Is Faraday Future’s FF-91 Really the Car of the Future?

Is the FF-91 Just an Attempt to One-Up Tesla’s Model S?

Faraday Future announced the FF-91 today. They did so like a tech company rather than a car company. Their presentation was very reminiscent of an Apple event, showing off each feature in great detail with different speakers for each. Faraday Future is taking a different approach than most automakers–they like to classify themselves a technology company rather than an automaker. While Faraday Future has done a good job with their approach to an all electric vehicle, they may be too late to the industry.

Tesla has already done what Faraday Future is looking to do. They made the Tesla Roadster back in 2008 and have plans to release the most cost effective fully electric vehicle in mid 2017, Tesla Model 3. The FF-91 is geared towards the richest of us, so how does it compare to Tesla’s cars?



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Everything the FF-91 is aiming to do has pretty much been done. There is no reason to make all of those improvements and increase the total price of the car. Tesla’s Model 3 is the biggest advancement in electric vehicles since the Tesla Roadster back in 2008. It seems the FF-91 may be aiming for the luxury Japanese market with the time and attention they have spent on the back seat.

In Japan it is more common for successful business men to have a driver and to ride in the backseat, where as in America the same class of people would rather drive themselves. All of the big interior features are aimed at the back of the car rather than the driver. The rear seats recline to 60 degrees with the current best-in-class being 43.5 degrees. They also used NASA inspired seats to create a zero gravity like feel. The seats are also ventilated and have full-body massaging systems in them.

In the end, Faraday Future hasn’t really done much to change the future. The FF-91 is slightly better than the Tesla Model S, but no one is going to remember the second, slightly better version. With the huge price tag, it won’t be a car for everyone. If you are looking for a car on a middle class budget, the Model 3 is the way to go.



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