Heat Wave: So Hot in Phoenix, Planes Can’t Take Off, Train Tracks Buckle and Roads Melt in UK

Hot in June, OMG, sign the Paris Accords immediately!!!

The summer of 2017 seems to be a handful, at least for some folks, as we just got word about Phoenix, which is confronted with an extreme heat forecast for Tuesday. The situation announced by meteorologists is so severe that American Airlines canceled 20 flights from the city’s Sky Harbor International Airport. And that’s due to the heat wave, which affects an airplane’s ability to take off.

The thing is, warm air is less dense than cold air, which means the hotter the air, the more speed an airplane will require in order to take off. Phoenix will be confronted on Tuesday with temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while American Eagle regional flights are using Bombardier CRJ planes, which can operate at temperatures up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Basically, at 120 degrees,  Sky Harbor International Airport’s runaway is not long enough for a Bombardier CRJ airplane to lift off safely. Larger planes like Boeing and Airbus will probably not be affected by the scorching heat.

Now, getting back to the old continent, the UK’s government issued a health warning with regard to the upcoming heat wave, which is expected to see record temps smashed. On Tuesday, areas of the UK will boil in temperatures as high as the Maldives (or worst, as in higher), with highs up to 92 Fahrenheit/33 Celsius. I know, compared to Phoenix’ 120 degrees F forecast, 92 degrees Fahrenheit sounds like a child’s play, but let that go.

The thing is, UK seems to be right on track for its 1st 5 day long heat wave in more than twenty years, and also the hottest June in 176 years. Monday was the warmest day of 2017, with tarmac melting in Manchester as temps reached 33 degrees Celsius, while West London boasted a peak temp of 32,4 degrees Celsius, marking the third consecutive day of temps over 30 degrees Celsius (a 1st since 2005). According to forecasts, regions of the UK will hit temps as high as 35 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

The hot weather caused train tracks to buckle at Bristol Temple Meads, while London’s major stations recorded delays.

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