How To Achieve Work-Life Balance During The Holiday Season

How To Achieve Work-Life Balance During The Holiday Season

The holidays are here but apparently they will not be for everyone because a good number of people will perhaps be working. After all, there are deadlines to meet and bills that must be paid. Thus, no matter how much they crave to celebrate with their loved ones and house guests, busy schedules will somehow catch up with them. Sadly this is the most wonderful time of year but can they help it?

Being able to achieve a work-life balance is of the essence. But surprisingly, it is a challenge to a majority of entrepreneurs. Reports have it that 85% or people are persistently under stress to have everything one, especially during the holidays.

But there are workable ways out of this anxiety

The following are some simple and practical traditions that will help anyone with busy schedules achieve work-life balance over the holidays: –

  • Have an organized schedule with set priories

Develop a clear overview both for internal and external activities. Determine what truly matters and font forgets to take note of the biggest time wasters.


Ensure you invest every minute in a meaningful task and of course in line with inner fulfillment. Whatever doesn’t fit in the things-to-do list must be pushed backward. But remember, this is just for the holidays, so exercise some gentleness.

  • Embrace flexible schedules including working from home

Working from home will curtail a lot of traveling to and from work. The time saved can be used to complete assignments and at flexible hours. Again it is in the comfort of one’s house.

Flexible hours and less travel will allow starting work earlier or later than usual and better still ending earlier or later. Apparently, the 275 miles covered during long-distant trips for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday are not inclusive of the commuting to work and the trips to parties or shopping outlets.

  • Set expectations and determine off times

We all need time to rest otherwise we will suffer from fatigue. This explains the important of designating time to spend with the family. Play, watch a movie together, eat dinner, decorate the house, do literally anything.

  • Put focus where it belong

Focusing on only work-related tasks ant designated times means timely completion. However, it is one of the biggest challenges for anyone working from home during the holiday season. Nonetheless, it is achievable for those who want to get extra time for their families and guests.

  • Switch up working hours

Different people have different strengths different times of the day. That means we cannot all be morning or evening people. That said, identify the best time to accomplish the most in terms of work and leave the other to the festivities.