Is ‘Muscle Barbie’ the Perfect Woman?

Speaking of beauty and the beast, this pretty bodybuilder is both. Dubbed Muscle Barbie, Julia Vins became an instant hit on social media, gaining thousands of fans in a matter of days, fans who describe her as being the perfect woman.

Julia Vins is a 20 years old Russian bodybuilder and she was power-lifting for the past 5 years. Her Instagram pictures have won admiration and awe from men and women alike. Obviously, some admire her curves while others admire her muscles. Or both. Or none, just her pretty face, who knows?

Julia Vins

This beautiful fitness fanatic always grooms herself next to perfection, keeping her hair and make up impeccable. However, I can bet she spends most of her time pumping iron. Amazingly, this little girl can dead-lift 419 pounds or 200 kilos.

Julia Vins set up her own website, which drew hundreds of thousands of fans on social media, where she described how she started hitting the gym when she was fifteen years old because, like so many other teenagers, she lacked confidence. Not anymore, right?

Julia Vins

From Russia with love, just don’t get her mad!

Julia is pumping iron 5 times a week, but judging from her appearance, she’s not a big fan of “cardio”, which in Russian means “pussy” (just kidding).

Being a true power-lifter, Julia Vins describes herself as a maverick:

“I chose my own path. My family did not put any obstacles in my way.

“But many of the people I know were advising me to stop doing it and start looking for a real job.”

Well, they were wrong.

Source: The Sun