LAPD Shoots and Kills Multiple Stabber Near CNN Hollywood Graphic Video

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The LA Times reports that an LAPD police officer shoot and killed a man after a stabbing spree took place near CNN Hollywood.

Los Angeles police department and fire officials arrived at the scene of a stabbing spree after an officer used deadly force against the suspect. According to witnesses, the  stabbing spree and the shooting took place inside  a Jack in the Box restaurant across from the CNN Tower.

The incidents were reported at 2 PM at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Ivar Avenue, but the number of victims was unclear at the time according to LAPD’s Aareon Jefferson.

A CNN reporter was witnessing the scene and twitted that she actually saw the suspect while he attempted to stab people before getting shot and killed by a police officer.

CNN’s Maeve Reston tweeted at 2:19 PM:

According to an LAPD officer, Sal Ramirez respectively, the male suspect entered the Jack in The Box restaurant and randomly stabbed the people inside. Police officers responding to what was described as an assault with a deadly weapon  arrived at the scene and confronted the suspect inside the restaurant; the suspect was unresponsive and got shot and then he was taken into custody.

LAPD’s Sergeant Frank Preciado who arrived at the crime scene later confirmed that the suspect has died. At least 2 stabbing victims required medical attention and they were transported at local hospitals, while LAPD Officer Sal Ramirez told reporters that the investigation will continue.

Maeve Reston added later that the stabber also attempted to enter a nearby coffee shop but he was blocked by a customer. The area which sees heavy traffic from nearby businesses and tourists  was blocked by emergency and police vehicles

Attention, graphic video from the Jack in the Box:

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Source: The Daily News

(Image courtesy KTLA)