Old-school Meals Now Too Calorific for Our Couch-Potato Lifestyles


There’s an old saying about “you are what you eat”, but taking a look around nowadays, it seems that we are increasingly fat, regardless of what we’re eating. According to a new “scientific” study, it’s not what we eat per-se that’s making us fat and relatively happy.

The problem lies somewhere else: meals that were alright thirty years ago are now too calorific, i.e. they contain way too many calories for our modern/lavish lifestyles. Back in the day, people used to work more (physically that is), walk more etc, whilst today many of us are hardly required to leave home for earning our daily pay and the whole nine yards.

The idea is that internet-globalization can be described as a health disaster, ending up in a generation of people who are so sedentary that they no longer require the same amount of calories as their forefathers.

This new study by the London School of Economics suggests that we should eat less, if I understand it correctly. Or, exercise more. Or both.

The study is based on a thirty years of data analysis by the LSE. According to the respective study, the obesity epidemics in the West and especially in the US is largely due to our modern lifestyle and not so much to the change in what we eat.

Internet and mobile technology allowed us to become interconnected virtually, so people no longer need to leave their desks or beds in order to socialize, work, shop or whatever.

And that also implies that traditional meals, you know, the ones your parents used to stuff you with, are no longer adequate for feeding the new/jilted generation of couch potatoes, i.e. they’re simply too much.

With global trade-deals among nations, food prices tumbled, hence according to that study, the food is now too cheap for our own good, whilst modern entertainment, like television and the internet/social media via smartphones/laptops replaced the traditional hobbies and activities which required us to actually move around for achieving things (like money, friends etc).

According to one of the authors:

“As lifestyles have slowed down and become more sedate, people haven’t amended their calorie intake accordingly.  We should all eat less. The amount of food we eat compared with energy expenditure is simply too much.

“If people were as active as they were 30 years ago then recommended daily allowances of calories would be fine.

“But it’s very hard to change how you eat from how your parents told you to eat but we should all eat less today. Maybe we could work out how much people are over-eating and reduce calories accordingly.”


The solutions offered for mitigating the obesity epidemic in the Western world are varying from higher taxes imposed by Big Brother on companies manufacturing sugary drinks and junk food (later passed on to consumers, which means you) to educating people about the health consequences of over eating/being obese.

Source: Telegraph