New Social Network Gab Seeks To Attract “alt-right” Away from Twitter and Facebook

Gab Promises No Censorship


As Facebook and Twitter are increasingly censoring their users under the pretext of hate speech, a new social network emerged, one that vows to provide a free speech alternative/environment and also to never join the dark side of political correctness. Gab is a tech startup launched back in August as a platform that promised solemnly to never censor content.

Gab is currently perceived as a safe haven alternative for the alt right-movement which is slowly but surely getting squeezed out from the two main digital ghettos of our times, Twitter and Facebook.

The so called “far right”-”alt-right” activists are all welcome to speak freely on Gab, which seems to take the first amendment in the US constitution very seriously.

Gab is currently boasting its over one hundred thousand members and a two hundred thousand waiting list, at least according to the company’s claims. As it’s currently in its beta/testing phase, the new social network is unable to accept all the requests from the people who want to join in, at least for the time being.

Gab’s fan-base started soaring amid Twitter’s crack down (read suspension/ban) of conservative political activists which were accused of harassment and promoting hate speech and racial slurs.

Gab’s CEO Andrew Torba said in an interview for Breitbart Tech that the response from around the world was nothing short of amazing. Andrew Torba also said that he felt compelled to create an alternative to Twitter and Facebook after the tech giants started suppressing conservative sources via their incredible bias manifested by their Trending Topics teams:

Many of us don’t realize just how much power and influence the News Feed and Trending Topics products have on our psychological understanding of the world around us. There are hundreds of millions of people who get their main source of news and information from a handful of companies in one of the most progressively liberal cities in the world, it’s time for a change… At Gab we welcome anyone who wants to speak freely.

Andrew Torba talked about the huge number of people deleting their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts or promising to do so after Donald Trump’s election, as they woke up to the censorship and outright lies of Big Social. Also, he pledged to always put people first while promoting free speech for all.

Compared to Twitter’s 140 characters limit, Gab will allow its users to post 300 characters messages. Gab has its headquarters in Anguilla, a Caribbean island and it’s self financed, yet it accepts donations from the Gab community.

Gab prohibits calls for terrorism of violence, yet instead of censoring content like Facebook and Twitter, it enables its users to filter their news feeds using keywords for blocking undesired messages.

This method reflects perfectly Gab’s founder’s belief that free speech is a fundamental right which cannot be vitiated in any way, shape or form.

Source: Yahoo