NYC Flash Mob Thieves Rush Sneaker Stores, Steal Thousands in Seconds

New York Flash Mob robs store

As you can see from the security camera footage, a mob of black teens rushed a a sneaker store in New York’s Upper East Side and stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in a matter of seconds, according to a statement from the NYPD. New York’s city police department is currently trying to identify the group of ten youngsters which are believed to be in their late teens to early twenties.

However, this is not the first time a flash-mob robbery takes place in the Big Apple. The same group of hit-and-run thieves previously hit a Jack Rabbit store and a Nike store on Third Avenue on at least three different occasions in the last couple of months. On each flash-mob robbery, over $2500 worth of merchandise was stolen.

The surveillance camera footage depicts the robbers modus operandi, i.e. they storm the store while carrying shopping bags, then they start grabbing merchandise and finally run out the door. According to witnesses and New York residents, the crime spree is shocking, but let’s quote somebody who lives in the neighborhood, Jaryd Lindheim:

“For them, they see it as, do it by the masses and it probably gives them a higher probability of getting out,”

He added:

“It rattles you a little bit, you want to make sure you’re living in a safe area,”

The good news is that the NYPD is now looking for the quick hitting thieves, who previously looted the Jack Rabbit store at 1051 Third Ave on June 20th, stealing $2000 worth of merchandise, and also a Nike store on July 14th, grabbing $2500 worth of merchandise.

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