Outrage After Little Girls Model Lingerie in China Shopping Mall

victoria's secret sexualizing children

It’s a known fact that the fashion world is a very strange place, a universe in itself. Also, since the eighties, fashion shows were heavily criticized for their strange choices, i.e. for using either extremely underweight models or bizarrely overweight models. Okay, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and one is not forced to watch nor to buy what’s seen on Fashion TV.

However, today’s news story sparked outrage all over the world, as these guys chose to completely cross the line by using children as young as 5 years old for walking the “catwalk” during a fashion show in China. As you can see for yourself from the shocking footage, children were wearing only lingerie, headpieces and/or costume wings and nothing much else. And everything took place in front of a cheering crowd, which makes us wonder what’s wrong with the world we live in.

The horrific fashion-show which can be best described as sexualizing children in a borderline pedophile display took place in China’s Sichuan province at a shopping mall in Chengdu City.

This latest scandal  comes in the aftermath of Kim Kardashian’s new children line which also sparked a huge controversy in the United States, after she showcased a bikini and lace slip dress last month on Snapchat. The sexualization of children feeds into the industry of child porn and child rape and molestation. The protection and nurturing of children is essential for their mental health and optimum chance at a life of confidence and joy.

However, liberals will applaud this, because liberalism is a mental disorder. This will dovetail perfectly with the UN treaty on the “rights of the child” where they are trying to normalize pedophilia and lower the age of consent.

The thing is, even if the mainstream media is not reporting it, 474 were arrested in California alone for child trafficking back in February.

Rome lasted for 500 years, and looked a lot like this at the end.

Photo: australscope


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