People Risk Lives for Selfies with Hurricane Irma

This can be best described as the latest edition of the Darwin awards, but unfortunately there are lots of people out there, risking life and limb for taking the best selfie possible with Hurricane Irma for their Facebook vault. What are they thinking, one may ask? Well, I don’t know about that, but these folks looking for the snap of a lifetime already produced some kick-ass selfies.

hurricane irma selfie

Numerous selfie-fanatics were spotted on the beaches taking snaps despite the eye of the storm boasting 130 miles per hour winds, which are already sending water through the cities streets. No wind is strong enough for girls trying to get the perfect shot during mass devastation, right?

irma selfies

Even if tornado like spouts have been observed in the sky above Florida, this little inconvenience did not stop selfie-cowboys:

irma selfie cowboy

Fifteen feet of water present no significant problems for the brothers:

hurricane irma selfies

The entire state of Florida is currently under a hurricane warning. However, that did not stop a number of Floridians to pose up to get the perfect snap with the storm of the century, not to mention a number of dare devils having seen taking a dip into the sea. Hurricane Irma claimed its first victim on Sunday, as a man driving a pickup truck was killed in a crash that was attributed to severe weather conditions.


And speaking of God and Guns, this is as American as apple pie:


Via The Sun