Phoenix Hot: Plastic and Paint is melting!

phoenix heat wave

The summer of 2017 hit hard in Arizona, with the National Weather Service forecasting highs of 49 degrees Celsius/120 Fahrenheit. The thing is, it’s so hot in Arizona right now, that some planes are unable to take off and plastic/paint is actually melting, not to mention cacti and I am not kidding either.

arizona cactus melting

Such high temps of 120 degrees Fahrenheit only hit 3 times in Phoenix recorded history and last time it happened was 22 years ago. Also, even if Arizona is no stranger to heat waves, last week’s scorchers were almost too much even by native’s own standards. If you ask regular Arizonians about how they support their scorching summers, hinting at the famous dry heat, which supposedly makes it all more bearable, you’ll probably end up with the answer: stick your head inside your oven and set it to 150 degrees, keep it there for 20 minutes and come back again with your dry heat story, alright?

The summer of 2017 was particularly brutal for people living in South West Arizona, where temps already hit the 120 mark (the Guinness World Record is 134 Fahrenheit in Death Valley, US in 1913) and the worst thing to consider is that it’s only June.




It’s so hot in Arizona, that things are literally melting:

arizona heat wave

It seems like plastic is fantastic, but not so much for mailboxes. And the same goes for picket fences made of plastic.

arizona heat wave

Plastic garbage cans are not feeling so good either.

arizona heat have

Even the road signs are melting while driving in such harsh weather conditions is an extreme sport: