Police Avert Live Facebook Suicide

facebook suicide

Streaming crimes and suicides live using Facebook has become a hot trend in 2017, but the good news is that technology can be a benefit or a hazard. We just got word today about a Macon teen’s suicidal attempt which has been broadcast on Facebook on Tuesday night, but fortunately, Bibb County sheriff’s deputies managed to save her in the nick of time.

The suicide attempt was streamed on Facebook Live on Tuesday night, at approximately 7.30 PM local time, prompting a number of witnesses to call 911. Since Facebook launched its Live service earlier on 2016, numerous crimes and suicide attempts have been streamed using world’s largest social network. But this seems to be the first recorded case in Bibb County and fortunately, it featured a happy ending. Bibb County sheriff David Davis has said about the incident:

“It’s a good thing that the people watching this called it in.Those people did the right thing.”

Approximately half an hour (!) after the 911 calls, an ambulance and 3 patrol cars were dispatched to the teen’s house on  Vineville Avenue. It’s worth noticing that Facebook too has alerted local authorities about the incident by that time. The teen was found passed-out but still had a pulse, and paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she was declared OK on Wednesday.

David Davis has said about the incident:

“All social media is is a conduit for attention.Even in this tragic situation, this young lady was looking for attention, and thankfully, the right people were watching. … It could have been more tragic.

“We are a voyeuristic society. It’s really troubling that you have things like this, to have access to people being able to put something up live, as it happens. … We see more often that it ends in regret.”

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for Facebook Live streaming her suicide attempt, the girl would have been dead almost certainly.