Rats Develop Rare Cancer From Cellphone Exposure

Rats Develop Rare Cancer From Cellphone Exposure

According to a brand-new government study, high exposure to cellphone radiation, or more exactly radio-frequency radiation, also known as RFR (yes, your smartphone emits a form of non-ionizing radiation) causes a rare form of cancer in male rats. These are the dire conclusions released on Friday by the National Institute of Health.

There were two tech-reports, one on rats and the other one on mice, and both were released yesterday by  the National Institute of Health’s NTP (National Toxicology Program). The draft conclusions reveal that exposing rats to high levels of radio frequency radiation resulted in a rare form of cancer: tumors in heart-tissues surrounding nerves (in male rats). According to the researchers, both female and male rats that were exposed to “cellphone radiation”, high levels of that stuff respectively, displayed abnormalities/patterns of damage on their heart tissue.

However, according to a senior scientist at NIH,  Dr. John Bucher respectively, there’s no reason to throw away your smartphone just yet, which begs the question: if everything’s OK with cellphone radiation, why on Earth did they release the study? Anyway, here’s a quote:

The levels and duration of exposure to RFR were much greater than what people experience with even the highest level of cell phone use, and exposed the rodents’ whole bodies. So, these findings should not be directly extrapolated to human cell phone usage. We note, however, that the tumors we saw in these studies are similar to tumors previously reported in some studies of frequent cell phone users.

So, doctor, which one is it? You can’t have it both ways. And always remember folks: do not allow your pet rats to have cell phones!